Saturday, May 9, 2009

To my unborn child...

I'm writing down this letter, to my unborn son,
Who before his first breath, my heart he's already won.

I love you more then anyone can devise,
From the tips of your toes, to the sparkle in your eyes.

We know that you'll be great, at whatever it is you do,
Just make sure your happy, and we'll be happy to.

I love you my son, with all my heart and soul,
I'm so very excited, that I barely have control.

Your room is almost finished; it's the brightest shade of blue,
With gold around the edges, it's only the best for you.

I have some words of wisdom, which I feel I must impart,
Remember these words always, and keep them in your heart.

Dishonesty is bad; never use it to get by,
Always tell the truth, even when you lie.

Always love your woman, keep her first in your life,
And she will always be there, to kiss away your strife.

Enjoy this thing called life, don't live it cold and bland,
Close your eyes and take a leap, never do things as you planned.

Try not to lose your temper; it's really no big deal,
But my son if you must fight, do it for something real.

Take the time to listen, to what people have to say,
And don't forget to smile; it could brighten someone's day.

Try to live with patience, do it the best you can,
Stand up for those who can't, and show the world that you're a man.

Always be a leader, step forward never hide,
Put yourself out there, and they'll stand by your side.

These things I hope you learn, someday you'll come to find,
But for now they're just a dream, tucked away inside my mind.

My son I truly love you, though your face I've never seen,
Now and forever, and everyday that comes between...