Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recipe of love...

1 Special person to complete your soul,

A caring heart to make you whole.

2 Heavenly eyes in which to stare

A bushel of time you're willing to spare,

A bucket of doubts to leave behind.

A precious smile and an open mind.

10 fingers to run through your hair,

1 whole life I wish to share.

A dash of compassion,

A pinch of patience,

1 warm body to cuddle with at night,

2 Lips to kiss when no one's in sight.

2 hearts that beat as one,

Open arms into which I run.

Mix throughout with extra emotion,

And you've just created the perfect potion.

100% real and completely pure,

Without true love we cannot endure...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The dangerous journey of love...

Love is a one way journey,in which it is easy to get in,
every heart makes this journey,hoping someday they win,
some hearts never stop and make this journey way to far,
and realize their mistake,only when they end up with a scar.

Every heart walks thinking their destiny is in this way,
building dreams upon dreams,every night and every day,
from their lips hundreds of prayers goes into the skies,
hoping to meet their love,every time they close their eyes.

Some get stranded in the middle,not knowing what to do,
the pain begins to creep in,to break their heart in two,
the path that was once was thought to be a bed of roses,
seems to turned into a nightmare,as all the door closes.

Still some pursue their dreams,hoping they will make it,
shedding blood and tears all the way,and never say i quit,
overcoming all the barriers,some somehow make it through,
to just hear those three magical words,which is I LOVE YOU.

This is one journey,in which each step teaches something new,
millions take this journey but successful journeys are few,
still many make this journey,ignoring the warning from above,
this is not a summer trip,it is "The Dangerous Journey Of Love".

Saturday, May 9, 2009

To my unborn child...

I'm writing down this letter, to my unborn son,
Who before his first breath, my heart he's already won.

I love you more then anyone can devise,
From the tips of your toes, to the sparkle in your eyes.

We know that you'll be great, at whatever it is you do,
Just make sure your happy, and we'll be happy to.

I love you my son, with all my heart and soul,
I'm so very excited, that I barely have control.

Your room is almost finished; it's the brightest shade of blue,
With gold around the edges, it's only the best for you.

I have some words of wisdom, which I feel I must impart,
Remember these words always, and keep them in your heart.

Dishonesty is bad; never use it to get by,
Always tell the truth, even when you lie.

Always love your woman, keep her first in your life,
And she will always be there, to kiss away your strife.

Enjoy this thing called life, don't live it cold and bland,
Close your eyes and take a leap, never do things as you planned.

Try not to lose your temper; it's really no big deal,
But my son if you must fight, do it for something real.

Take the time to listen, to what people have to say,
And don't forget to smile; it could brighten someone's day.

Try to live with patience, do it the best you can,
Stand up for those who can't, and show the world that you're a man.

Always be a leader, step forward never hide,
Put yourself out there, and they'll stand by your side.

These things I hope you learn, someday you'll come to find,
But for now they're just a dream, tucked away inside my mind.

My son I truly love you, though your face I've never seen,
Now and forever, and everyday that comes between...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Broken hearts, love's deceit,

pieces fall down to my feet.

Broken promises, love's a lie,

puddles form from tears I cry.

Broken dreams, love's illusion,

sorrowed because of your intrusion.

Broken hope, love's a game,

doesn't last, ends the same.

Broken sleep, love's the cause,

digs at me with sharpened claws.

Broken spirit, love of sorrow,

stolen now is my tomorrow.

Broken life, love is lost,

Broken now and that's the cost.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A story all about me...

I once heard a story straight from the heart

About a girl and how her world began to fall apart

It all started when she met the boy that made her life complete

Just thinking of him made her heart skip a beat

They were the couple everyone wanted to be

There were no imperfections as either one could see

As the weeks passed they fell more in love and were less aware

Of how often life turns out to be unfair

Until one day she finally gave in

She realized there was no way she could win

She said I'm sorry but i have to let you go

As he reached for her hand she pulled away whispering no

When she turned around a tear slid down her cheek

He just stood there speechless, forgetting how to speak

The next few days were the hardest at home

She truly felt she was all alone

Her mom pushed in her face how she had won

Her dad said "i knew he was just another one"

Her sister said "come on you'll be ok"

And her brother just tried to stay away

At school it was like her friends weren't even there

None of them seemed to really care

Her life had no more color, just black and white

Even getting out of bed turned into a fight

Despite their tries things just weren't like before

Then he decided "i don't wanna try anymore"

At that she tried to cut him out

But the more she ignored him the more her feelings began to shout

When she saw him that day she could no longer just walk by

And before she knew it her mouth opened up and out came "hi"

He looked up and said "so now we're talking?"

She just smiled and join his walking

Everyday they talked a little more

And everyday she began to like him a little less then before

As the months passed by she became more and more aware

About how its ok life's unfair

Because eventually everything becomes your past

But your memories will always last

And with that i hope you see

Not all love is meant to be

But hold on and don't give in

Stand tall, hold up your chin

And believe me when i say

The right one will come one day

He'll open your eyes to things you couldn't ever see

I know this because..this is a story all about me...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Best friends...

Best Friends
The title we chose
But what does it mean to be "best friends?"
You should see each other every day?
Well that's true for you & me
Should silly little fights get in our way?
Only if that's how it's meant to be
Should we give?
Should we borrow?
Should we dance like there's no tomorrow?
Secrets are traded
Privacy invaded
Hugs and smiles are shared
Tears are shed
We know that we both really cared
I smile, you smile
You cry, I cry
I wish, you wish
You die, I die
If you fall
I'll help you up
And if you call
I'll always pick up
Best friends forever
The promise we made
And I know in my heart
That it will never fade...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I believe in angels,

The kind that heaven sends,

I am surrounded by angels,

But I call them friends...