Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The dangerous journey of love...

Love is a one way journey,in which it is easy to get in,
every heart makes this journey,hoping someday they win,
some hearts never stop and make this journey way to far,
and realize their mistake,only when they end up with a scar.

Every heart walks thinking their destiny is in this way,
building dreams upon dreams,every night and every day,
from their lips hundreds of prayers goes into the skies,
hoping to meet their love,every time they close their eyes.

Some get stranded in the middle,not knowing what to do,
the pain begins to creep in,to break their heart in two,
the path that was once was thought to be a bed of roses,
seems to turned into a nightmare,as all the door closes.

Still some pursue their dreams,hoping they will make it,
shedding blood and tears all the way,and never say i quit,
overcoming all the barriers,some somehow make it through,
to just hear those three magical words,which is I LOVE YOU.

This is one journey,in which each step teaches something new,
millions take this journey but successful journeys are few,
still many make this journey,ignoring the warning from above,
this is not a summer trip,it is "The Dangerous Journey Of Love".


Anonymous said...

Man this is so damn true.keep it up.

Nupur said...

Desire says Buddha is the cause of how to escape this cord this binding vine of love............nicely handled.........

admirer said...

its all true.....but v all still went through.....

man 4m where u got these lines...........superb